cuticle care


Classic Manicure

Our Classic service includes nails and cuticle care and a moisturizing warm lotion massage.  Exfoliate your feet and calves with a scented scrub (sugar scrub are not included for manicures).  Lastly, nails will be buffed or polished to perfection.

Spa Manicure

Experience the luxurious aroma with our pure essential oils.  The ultimate relaxation will melt your stress away.  Our extended signature massage will bring penetrating warmth and deep relaxation to your muscles.  Includes all of the essentials of “Our Classic” plus a warm paraffin treatment to heal aches and pains.  This will improve circulation and blood flow.  Leaving your hands and feet feeling smooth and more radiant.  Includes a 10-minute massage.

Milky Rose Manicure

Honey replenishes moisture while the milk soothes and softens your skin with all its natural enzymes.  Sit back and relax while enjoying our extended signature massage.  Includes all of the essentials of “Our Classic” plus a rose mask and warm paraffin treatment.  Leaving your hands and feet utterly soft and looking amazing.  Includes a 10-minute massage.



Classic Manicure



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